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"The genius controls the chaos."
I'm Jessica. Twenty.
Undergrad in Meteorology,
Cornell University.
I live for sunshine and discovery
Music drives and defines me.
I compose fanfiction
The passions of life mystify me,
so open your eyes to the world...
and it will mystify you too.

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Every world among the stars has a Keyhole.
And each one leads to the heart of that world.

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The night before life goes on.

Well, I leave tomorrow for college and I feel such a plethora of emotions. I’m overjoyed at having an opportunity like this, but I’m afraid of ending up isolated because I’m not too much of a socialite. I’m saddened that I have to leave my family, friends, and pets behind…but I am so excited to be involved in a new culture and an atmosphere of intelligence and discovery. 

But with this transition in my life, it’s like I have this need for closure on so many doors I’ve left slightly opened over the years. I know I’ll be back, but at the same time, things change so fast that maybe that won’t be the case. Who knows, but I know that if I had the chance to say one last thing to people who I’ve crossed paths with before, in the form of song lyrics, of course, these would be my words:

CEL3. “Who you are is not what you did…you’re still an innocent.” RSP. “When you slammed the front door shut, a lot of others opened up, so did my eyes so I could see…that you never were the best for me.” PGC. “So, this is me swallowing my pride, standing in front of you, saying, ‘I’m sorry’ for that night…and I go back to December all the time.” CJC. “Take my apology. I’m sorry for the honesty, but I had to get this off my chest.” JLV.  ”I still remember the look on your face lit through the darkness at 1:58.” RNL. “Photo album on the counter, your cheeks were turning red. You used to be a little kid with glasses in a twin-size bed. And your mother’s telling stories about you on a tee ball team. You tell me ‘bout your past, thinking your future was me.” ABG. “Long live the walls we crashed through, how the kingdom lights shined just for me and you.” WDL. “You showed me what I couldn’t find when two different worlds collide.” BG. “You had me falling for you, honey, and it never would’ve gone away…no.”

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This, ladies and gentlemen, is pure sexism in everyday society.

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It’s like I got this music in my mind sayin’ it’s gonna be alright 

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