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"The genius controls the chaos."
I'm Jessica. Twenty.
Undergrad in Meteorology,
Cornell University.
I live for sunshine and discovery
Music drives and defines me.
I compose fanfiction
The passions of life mystify me,
so open your eyes to the world...
and it will mystify you too.

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So I actually had a movie moment.

At least, I feel like I did.

It was last Sunday during my Ballroom dancing class. I didn’t have a partner so I had to dance with the Teaching Assistant. He was really talented, so I didn’t mind, but there were other girls without partners so he would have to dance with us in shifts.

So during the last ten minutes of class, I was working on my Waltz turn all by myself. But I was distracted out of my practice when a guy walks up to me and says, “Do you have a partner?”

I don’t and I told him that, wondering where had been during the whole class and how I just had recognized him. I agree and he smiles, introducing himself and moving beside me. He looks around, confused, and turns to me.

"Wait…what class is this?"

"Umm…Ballroom dancing?"

"Oh crap, I’m supposed to be in Salsa Dancing."

So he takes his shoes he had left by the door and walked out. I was a little disappointed because he was attractive and now I was out of a dance partner.

But literally two minutes later he returns as I was working on my turns again. “Hey, I have thirty minutes to class…mind if I dance with you?”
And of course I’m a little stunned, but I agree. I show him the standard position, but he pulls me in a little closer than the norm, but I didn’t really argue with him about it.

We danced around in a little circle. He wasn’t great, but that moment…for some reason, was.

But class was concluded and I went to get my things to leave, still a little baffled as to what had just happened. Right as I was about to leave, he comes back up to me and asks to hang out since he still had 25 minutes until his Salsa class.

I agree, and we walk around the quad outside and just learn about one another. Then, we said goodbye and went our separate ways.

I remember his major, where he was from and where he transferred from as well…but for the life of me, I can’t remember his name. I don’t if I will see him again,

but right before we left, he looked at me and said, “I’m so glad I came to class early.”

Maybe he’ll be early again…





I woke up like this

D: Yummy?

Um flawless

Who is she?




I woke up like this

D: Yummy?

Um flawless

I woke up like this

My best friend painted half of me into a sugar skull.

Everything has changed.

Life follows a rhythmic pattern; years divided down into weeks, into days, into hours, into minutes, seconds that define who we are and the decisions we make all out of a construction of the human condition. All we do is live to discover and explain things, to give meaning to the unexplained and how it interacts solely within our perception, or for the superegos out there, how it affects other people and even the entire world.

I don’t personally view myself as heliocentric in my own universe, but this post is.

The second and minutes have added up and I’m about to count on one hand the days until I leave for college. Being nine hours away, the intimidation is quite frightening, but so much has happened to fuel this departure that I’ll almost be going without a glance to what I’ll leave behind.

I have amazing friends, so much better than I deserve, really. Surrounding me is a wonderful family and wonderful pets, but when it comes to the one thing human condition attempts to define, but cannot at the same time…is love.

Of course we all want that special someone to think about before we go to sleep, or that thought in our mind when we listen to “All of Me” or “I Think About You” (for you Austin and Ally fans out there). While I don’t want that to be the core of my destinations, it plays a large role in life and it’s one of those things that just can’t be ignored.

For me, my roads and opportunities haven’t been the smoothest, in all honesty. My last relationship was entirely predicted to fail in a certain manner, and in a slightly surprising way, it collapsed just how I thought it would. It was one of those blind leaps, the ones you know will just not work out, but you take a chance anyways. The thing of it was…it was never worth it. The destruction the tornado of a confrontation left behind could have been avoided if it never would have been given life in the first place. Of course, some memories would validate why it should have been, but so many friendships were torn apart and excommunicated that it all would have been saved had we not had been selfish with ourselves. And to be honest, the companionship I would have gained in a strictly platonic manner would have been so much more rewarding than a forced connection that I had to continuously question and talk myself into. He was the first and only person I had ever met my age who I could connect with on an intellectual level, and when I feel the desire to talk about the classes I’m going to take and my fears and hopes about them, yea, he crosses my mind to be the one I would call…and I have a feeling he feels a void in having that person for him as well.

But it wasn’t the love I wanted, or really “love” at all. It wasn’t passionate or the type you would go screaming at the tops of rooftops for.

There was one, though.

He has been the epitome of a selfless love for me, The one who I knew, given the chance, that it would work out. Have you ever fallen in love with an idea? The voice of reason at 2 a.m., discussing nothing but memories and dreams and how it would be if it were us. I met that toxic mindset once, and it was beautiful to me.

I never felt the touch of his hand against mine or the way it would feel to kiss him, but I imagined the chemistry of those couples on movies, who just saw each other and knew. I truly thought I did. Months and months I spent longing for just a chance at this euphoria of an idea…but it never came. I wanted him for so long, not for the way he looked, but for the questions he would ask me and the vulnerability of the things he would tell me. How he cared about my future almost as much as I did, how I could discuss simple things with him and we could go on for hours creating ideas and theories from such intricate news and book titles. I could have listened to his voice all day. He made me feel proud and beautiful to be me, because I was intelligent and pretty in his eyes…

But he chose someone else.

The one who I had thought, within the chambers of my heart. that he could have been “the one”…went for someone almost totally different from me. Maybe I should have saw it coming, or maybe I was blinded by some idea of a “perfect” match to see the logic behind it. How could I have been in love with someone who I was never with?

Even now, I feel foolish admitting that and foolish that it still bothers me and even more foolish that it’s the thing that haunts me the most, but I read something by Taylor Swift today that put things into perspective for me:

I think unrequited love is just as valid as any other kind…it’s just as crushing and just as thrilling. [It] is selfless and beautiful and kind. You are loving someone purely because you love them, not because you think you’ll ever have your affections reciprocated. You are admiring something for its beauty, without needing to own it. Feel good about being the kind of person who loves selflessly. I think, someday, you’ll find someone who loves you in that exact same way.”

Being the optimist that I am, I know it will all make sense and be joyous and perfect to me. It’s not a thing to rush or to fabricate, but something worth waiting on.

Now that I have this clean slate before me, I am prepared for the challenges ahead, for all the new things I will learn, for proving that I can achieve whatever I set my mind to…

And to love fearlessly, no matter the past or the obstacles ahead.


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“‘Day, n. A period of twenty-four hours, mostly misspent.’ This quote by Ambrose Bierce speaks of simplistic days and hours wasted

…but what happens when you spend them right?”

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“I-I mean, look at us,” she allowed a small chuckle out. “Here we are, in the solitude of my dad’s music shop, having a conversation we should have had months ago. I mean, Austin, we avoided each other for so long for absolutely no reason but to prolong the inevitable, which is us standing here, yet again, avoiding the elephant in the room,” she sighed, taking a step closer to where their faces were only inches apart. “Austin…I—”

“Ally…” he gently placed his hands on her shoulders. To see all the intent running within her words, to see them be surrounded by the thought of him…he never thought she would speak to him in such a way again. Yet, with all the confidence he thought he had gathered on the car ride here, his hands possessed a small tremor unprecedented to his personality. Austin Moon was never this nervous. Austin Moon did not reject girls and take them home earlier than curfew. Austin Moon did not write songs on his own. Austin Moon was swimming in uncharted waters for too long, and it was about time he fixed that.”

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