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The genius controls the chaos.

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Chapter 7 is up yay!

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“‘Day, n. A period of twenty-four hours, mostly misspent.’ This quote by Ambrose Bierce speaks of simplistic days and hours wasted

…but what happens when you spend them right?”

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“I-I mean, look at us,” she allowed a small chuckle out. “Here we are, in the solitude of my dad’s music shop, having a conversation we should have had months ago. I mean, Austin, we avoided each other for so long for absolutely no reason but to prolong the inevitable, which is us standing here, yet again, avoiding the elephant in the room,” she sighed, taking a step closer to where their faces were only inches apart. “Austin…I—”

“Ally…” he gently placed his hands on her shoulders. To see all the intent running within her words, to see them be surrounded by the thought of him…he never thought she would speak to him in such a way again. Yet, with all the confidence he thought he had gathered on the car ride here, his hands possessed a small tremor unprecedented to his personality. Austin Moon was never this nervous. Austin Moon did not reject girls and take them home earlier than curfew. Austin Moon did not write songs on his own. Austin Moon was swimming in uncharted waters for too long, and it was about time he fixed that.”

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it is worth the wait, I believe, and I hope you agree!

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I’m back!

Okay so I know I haven’t written a fanfic chapter in a while but I am back on it.

It shall be done within the next few days;
Blue Moon has risen!

And at last, Chapter 5 is here!!


It’s worth the wait, promise :) If you take a look at this, I thank you in advance for being kind enough to take a look at my work :)



What is love?

Such a simple question, yet so hard to find a sufficient answer.

Is it moments pieced together by a common thread? If so, what makes up that thread? Is it completely emotional? Does logic dictate the rationale between attraction of thoughts and the likelihood of its mutuality? Is love time, or lack thereof? Is it the sparkle in someone’s eyes when they first see you after a long day at work or school? Is it the little things, like remembering their favorite color or memorizing the contours of their face? Is love….fear? Is it the longing for the touch of their hand as soon as they leave your door? Is it all the wondering souls who seek them in competition of you? Is it the skeletons in the closest that try to rebirth themselves, seeking the same thing that I do with the one they let go too fast? Does it find meaning in politeness, or in the snips of words with connotations of a soul seeking retribution? How can you see this manifestation in another, or can it not be seen at all? Is it simply an innate feeling, one that you “just know”? How can you tell its antithesis? How does this take any form in reality when its home is deep inside of a soul?

A merry-go-round dictates my life sometimes when I’m alone in thought. I’m happy and I’m scared and I’m excited and I’m nervous; I feel all sorts of things without any direction in interpretation. I’m so used to always having everything figured out. I know my days and what I do with them, I know why I do what I do and the consequences of it. With this, I feel like I’m in a box filled with many doors. Those doors can lead to many different paths, and it’s like I want to open all of them at once and not open any of them at the same time. 

How does logic support that? It doesn’t.

I’m stuck between safety and diving and risks. This time, it’s different, and i don’t know why.

I’m in a paradox.

For my “Blue Moon” readers,

I am so so so so sorry I haven’t posted a new chapter in almost a month. I’m currently attempting at being accepted into Cornell University. It’s an Ivy League and it’s my dream, so my time has literally been dedicated to that (and passing Calculus)

but I promise, once everything is all caught up and copacetic, there will be a new chapter up and it will be awesome. :)

Thanks to anyone for reading my story at all I’m still awed that people have taken time to see my work. It means so much.


Chapter 4 is up!


Take a look, plz? :)

These are screenshots of an email I got. It’s a review on my fanfiction, and let me just say…this made my night. I never expected anyone to really read it, much less say something this nice about it. I love to write, but I’ve never really been out of the comfort zone of literary analysis and research papers…so to see a response on something like this…I’m just so happy.

Thanks to everyone who has read Blue Moon so far; I appreciate it so much. <3